Why Is SEO So Expensive?

Most people are familiar with the saying, “you get what you pay for,” though in varying contexts. For the most part, it means there’s always a direct relationship between the price of a product and its quality, exceptions notwithstanding. With search engine optimization, however, one pays for a service, rather than a product. The lack of a tangible commodity may leave plenty of room for fluctuation and variance, but the old adage still holds true. In other words, you get what you pay for when hiring an SEO firm, and for some good reasons too.

Expertise and Strategy

Like is the case with other professional services, an experienced SEO provider will always cost you more. But there’s a good reason why you might consider forking out more money by hiring such an agency; as dedicated professionals, they’ll have spent years refining their approaches and skills. This means that the strategy they will recommend for your campaign will be founded on proven techniques.

An amateur, on the other hand, may be able to bluff their way through the basics, but there’s no way they’ll be able to come up with a suitable strategy the way a more-experienced professional would. Needless to say, going with such an individual means you’ll have to spend more time on the drawing board, and this is something you just don’t have enough of. Unless you’re willing to compromise your results and live with the consequences of doing so, hiring an experienced professional would be your best bet.

Stellar Content

Maintaining high quality throughout the content creation process, from researching great topics to the time you post the content on your site, is crucial in ensuring the success of your campaign. And as you probably know, this process can be quite lengthy, involving tasks like:

-Coming up with new topics for the content
-Researching and composing all the pieces
-Creating multimedia content to go along with the written posts
-Optimizing headlines for search engines and click-throughs
-Publishing and distributing the content

Knowing how much time it will take to get all these things done, why would you want to take chances by hiring a generalist? You might come across someone with the ability to create decent content, but it takes a real professional to do it consistently and follow up with the other crucial tasks. And while an established agency may cost more, you can rest assured that they’ll have a team made up of individual specialists for your campaign.

Quality links

Link-building is much harder than it used to be just a couple of years ago. Search engines now examine the quality and quantity of links pointing back to a particular domain in determining its trustworthiness. Here’s the problem — most highly-ranked sites don’t want to link to other websites unless they have plenty of opportunities to offer in content linking and sharing. So unless your website fits the bill, the fact of the matter is that you’ll find yourself swimming upstream without a paddle as far as your link-building efforts go.

The link-building process, when properly done, takes lots of time and effort. And contrary to what some ‘experts’ may have you believe, there are no secret tricks to work around it. So if you come across someone offering to build links for $5 a piece, it’s very likely that their work will earn you penalties from search engines.

Online Banding

The higher your brand presence stands on the internet, the more success your SEO campaigns are. But creating a strong brand online requires more than just a solid link profile; you need to be established on social media, build up a strong following, and then provide interesting, relevant content for your audience on an ongoing basis. A good SEO firm can help you create a strong online brand, but you’ll have to pay more for their services.

In a nutshell, good SEO will never be cheap, especially when it comes to optimizing for the more competitive stuff out there. Modern approaches have made the optimization process a results-oriented one, albeit one that holds the potential to yield value for money. So don’t hesitate to pay what it costs to hire a good practitioner, no matter how expensive it may seem.