67 Steps Review: Inspirational Program

67 steps by Tai Lopez is a popular self-help program that focuses on the four crucial aspects of human life: Love, Wealth, Health, and Happiness. The program shares ideas, tricks and tips to help you get closer to these four things, and be successful.

To achieve the life you want, you will need to take the necessary steps. Tai says that most people are delusional in that they feel that they are entitled to a great life minus the efforts to actually reach there.

Tai stresses the importance of taking full responsibility for your own life. If you are looking for a better quality life, you would have to adopt certain things and give up some things. This will increase your chances of attaining the life you want.

Tai looked at his own life and made a list of essential habits that are important to create a quality life. Here are some of them.

Some Tips From Tai’s 67 Steps Review Book


Be Adaptable

Research says that the person who can adapt to his environment has the maximum chance of survival. It can be difficult for a person with static skills to survive in a dynamic environment. Be on the lookout for changes and trends and employ them to your benefit.

Cultivating Humility

Everyone has something to teach. Be open to learning from people who have come before you. Many people are not able to listen from others and thus miss out on a lot. It is a good idea to invest in books and seminars. Spend time networking with mentors too. This will help you avoid a lot of mistakes and enables you to tap into the collective wisdom of the experts.

Find a Mentor

In The 67 Steps, Tai Lopez suggests getting a mentor and mentoring others too. He advocates the law of 33% that states that you should spend a third of your time with your mentors, a third of it with people of your level and the same amount of people you mentor. You can start by creating a list of mentors and contacting them one by one to find the best one for you. Learn from the great minds and remember to pass on the knowledge as this will give a boost to your own memory.

Listen to Only Experts

While looking for advice, keep in mind, most people’s opinions are just a reflection of social bias. Select the people you listen to with care. This is one reason Tai suggests reading books like 67 Steps as it allows one to learn from the greatest and emulate their success by following their thinking patterns.

Take a Few Steps Every day; Hence The 67 Steps

Figure out the general direction you want your life to take and adjust accordingly. Love, health, and wealth come by carefully chosen actions every single day. Often people think that other people’s good life has just been bestowed upon them, not realizing that it is the hard work and pain that has actually gone on to bring the successes. He advises his readers to have a realistic time-frame and move ahead instead of just waiting for events and circumstances to happen.

Life Long learning

The program advises taking lessons from the failures of others instead of just relying on your own. Trial and errors can be time-consuming and learn from books are far safer and faster. He encourages his readers to become highly specialized in one field, whether it is fitness or finance or SEO, and develop at least conversational level depth in all the other subjects. He says his audience to become so good in any one particular field that others take notice of you.

Find Something You Like

Tai suggests engaging in work that you will be able to sustain for a long time. As your work is going to take up a large part of your adult life, it is important that you get into a position that you can excel at. And if you are in a job from which you need a vacation, you should never go back to it.

Also, he is looking for a passion. It will more likely send you on a wild-goose chase and prevent you from building deep domain expertise in a particular area. Find work which you naturally do well and use it to your advantage.

Have an Investor Mentality

It’s not enough to just make money, you must maintain it and grow it into bigger amounts. The investor mentality is to spend on things that get you a return in profit over a period of time. Most people buy things that depreciate over time; these are consumptions and not investments. This is where information can be a valuable asset. Invest in mentors, books, and seminars to know how to get the maximum out of your life.

Be Careful about Relationships

The world can be extremely competitive and not everyone will have your best interests at heart. Therefore, don’t be tricked by outward appearances. So set high criteria for people you get close to. Refrain from getting into relationships with the emotionally unstable and untrustable. It takes quite some time to trust someone, so take your time to before allowing someone into your life.

Spend Time Wisely To Conclude The 67 Steps

A lot of people waste their time in little things. Have a close look at your thoughts and activities to know if you are using your time to advance yourself or are you just frittering it away in useless things.

To conclude the 67 steps review, there are plenty of new insights in the book and it will encourage you to deeply reflect on your own life and take appropriate steps to better it.